Hay fever symptoms

What are symptoms and signs of hay fever and what is hay fever actually? Read about hay fever here.

What is hay fever?

Hay fever is an allergy. With hay fever you are especially allergic to pollen from grass, plants and trees. The dust that pollen transport by wind are the culprit. Hay fever generally occurs in a particular season. It is therefore possible that a large part of the year you do not suffer from hay fever as opposed to an allergy to dust that appears in certain foods which is lasting.

Hay fever symptoms

As soon as a person with hay fever comes into contact with pollen then the symptoms will arise. As long as there is no contact with the pollen there will be no signs. Which symptoms you will exactly get depends on the person. Every body reacts differently to the presence of pollen. Hay fever thus occurs in the growth period of the plants and grass which transports their pollen by wind. In general, grass is the biggest culprit regarding hay fever. The pollen penetrate your body and are considered by your body as "dangerous". This gives you an allergic reaction.

What are the general symptoms of hay fever?

  • Generally, people with hay fever get tired more quickly.
  • You can get a headache.
  • It is possible that you get a feeling of listlessness.

Specific symptoms hay fever

There are some specific symptoms that are typical with hay fever.

Nose problems

People with hay fever often have symptoms to the nose. Generally, this looks like an escalating cold. The mucosa of the nose swells up and causes itching and irritation. As a result this leads to sneezing. Because the membranes are swollen the drainage of the sinuses to the nose also become clogged. This makes you feel you have a heavy head and a headache just above your eyes. If you do not do anything about this you can get a sinus infection.

Eye problems

Also eye problems is a common phenomenon of hay fever. You will suffer from itchy eyes, but there is also a burning sensation. Because of this you will suffer from watery eyes. Your eyelids may swell up making the whites of your eyes red and you can become hypersensitive to day light or even lights from your lamps at home.

Mouth, throat and ear problems

Hay fever can also cause symptoms which makes you suffer from your mouth, throat or ears. There may be a tickle in your mouth, throat and ears, making you constantly feel that you have to cough or want to scratch. You can also get a very dry throat and a burning sensation in your throat.

Lung problems

One of the symptoms of hay fever is that the lungs will be bothering. You may get a tickling cough. You can get a shortness of breath or even hyperventilate due to severe coughing.

Skin problems

Skin problems are also one of the symptoms of hay fever. Generally, the symptoms of the skin can be described as an itchy and irritated skin. The skin turns red and may swell.

Other diseases?

The above symptoms may be caused by another allergy and are not necessarily due to hay fever. Are the symptoms not going away or you are not sure what you have? Then always consult your physician. Your physician can tell you what you have and what you can do about it. 

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