Kidney cancer symptoms

What are symptoms of kidney cancer and what causes kidney cancer? Read about symptoms, signs and problems of kidney cancer.

What is kidney cancer?

Kidney is caused by a malignant tumor which nested itself in the kidney. The kidney tumor that occurs most frequently is a renal cell carcinoma. The carcinoma arises in the renal tubules, and has, in general, no symptoms. It is therefore difficult to diagnose with certainty at an early stage of the cancer. There may be blood in the urine, but also a persistent pain in the back can come forward as a symptom.

Types of kidney cancer

There are different types kidney cancer. The kidneys are the organs which serve as purifiers in our body. They are two organs, in the shape of a bean, and about as big as a fist. Every person has two kidneys. The renal cell carcinoma, the most common kidney cancer, is also called Grawitztumor. Another type of kidney cancer is the Wilms tumor also known as nefroblastoom. The nefroblastoom generally only occurs in children. The nefroblastoom happens within the first 5 years of the child. Often only 1 kidney is affected and in the worst case, one can live very well with 1 kidney. Kidney cancer occurs more and more often, the medical community still has no clear explanation for this.

Symptoms, signs and problems kidney cancer

Which symptoms are typical with kidney cancer?Kidney cancer usually shows no signs in the beginning. When the cancer is in an advanced stage then symptoms will arise. If you experience more of the following symptoms it is wise to contact your doctor.

Symptoms advanced kidney cancer

At an advanced stage, there are symptoms you may notice with kidney cancer. Which signs and symptoms you may have is shown below.

  • You have blood in your urine.
  • You have pain in your side, around the kidney area.
  • You sweat a lot at night (night sweats).
  • You have a feeling of listlessness.
  • You do not feel like eating.
  • You are very tired for no reason for a long time.
  • For no apparent reason you lose a lot of weight.

These symptoms happen of course with more diseases. It is always a good idea when you have one, or a combination of these symptoms, to consult your doctor.

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