Prostate cancer symptoms

What are symptoms, signs and problems of prostate cancer? What is prostate cancer and what causes prostate cancer?

Prostate cancer

Prostate cancer usually occurs in men over 65 years of age. Yet it is also increasingly common for men of 40 and up to start suffering from prostate cancer. In Western Europe and the United States in particular, more and more men are affected with this type of cancer. Prostate cancer grows slowly, so in the beginning there are no symptoms yet. Often the cancer is discovered as soon as someone visits a doctor with other symptoms. Common symptoms are problems with urination or pain within the bones.


The prostate ensures that the sperm cells are stored, and a milky liquid is discharged that determines approximately 20-30% of the volume of the seminal fluid. The fluid of the prostate ensures that the acidic environment of the vagina is neutralized. This makes it possible for the sperm to survive longer in the vagina.

Prostate cancer symptoms

Prostate cancer can be recognized by the following signs, symptoms and problems. Note that the symptoms could also indicate other ailments.

  • You have trouble with your back or pelvis. These symptoms are caused by the spreading of the cancer cells from the prostate.
  • You have trouble urinating. It can happen that prostate cancer is discovered because you have to go to the doctor due to trouble urinating. Maybe you have to urinate very frequently, experience pain during urination, trickle or have blood in your urine. It does not mean that these symptoms immediately indicate prostate cancer, but are signs that go with a swollen or enlarged prostate.

Cause prostate cancer

The cause of prostate cancer is not quite clear. We do know that certain risk factors can cause you to get this type of cancer sooner.

Risk group prostate cancer

The following groups are an increased risk group for developing prostate cancer.

  • Reaching an older age. Prostate cancer occurs in 80% of men older than 65.
  • The area where you work and live. In Western Europe and the United States prostate cancer is more common. This has to do with ethnicity, type of food we eat and the environmental factors.
  • Prostate cancer is generally common in black Americans.
  • Prostate cancer is more common in men who already had the disease in the family by a son or a father with prostate cancer.

Prostate check ups physician

Just to make sure you can always check your prostate by your doctor. The doctor can soon enough determine whether or not you have it. The sooner you know, the higher your chances are to cure more quickly.

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