Symptoms cyst

What are symptoms, signs and problems of a cyst? How do you recognize a cyst and what is a cyst anyway?

What is a cyst?

A cyst is pronounced as a 'sist'. A cyst can consist of air, moisture, or a semi-solid material. A cyst has a semi-permeable wall. This allows moisture to get into the cyst, but no moisture can come out. In that way the cyst is growing steadily. A cyst is not to be confused with a abscess. An abscess is an accumulation of pus. Usually the cyst will disappear on its own, but when this is not the case, the cyst can removed with a simple surgery.

Nestled in bacteria cyst

The term cyst is sometimes also used for a cell for an nestled in bacteria. The cell can easily survive a critical period because the bacteria is in a resting state.

Types of cysts

Depending on the location of the cyst, it will get its own name. Some examples of this are:


A symptom of a atheroomcyste is a cavity in the skin where instead of tallow, softened fresh parchment has accumulated. This cyst occurs when the exit as well as the entrance is blocked off from the hair follicle and talc gland. The atheroomcyste is completely harmless and may go away on its own. It is possible that the cyst reappears, so it is wise to remove the cyst once it occurs. This cyst can, when nothing is done about it, become very unpleasant when it grows into a abscess.

Hair nest cyst

Symptoms of a hair nest cyst is a cavity located in the fold of skin, in particular in the anal cleft.The fold of skin causes the hairs to grow in. This is particularly common in people who have a sitting job. Due to an infection you risk an inflammation and an abscess can form. Only when the cyst becomes inflamed you will get problems. With surgery, this problem can be resolved.

Polycystic ovary syndrome

Polycystic ovary syndrome is also called PCOS and consists of a number of related disorders and symptoms. Generally it is about small cysts that are located in the ovaries. The disorders are probably caused by an abnormality in the hormones. This creates multiple cysts in the ovaries. As a result, the eggs will not grow or grow very irregular. This creates no or irregular ovulation. Women can menstruate irregularly or not menstruate at all. Therefore the woman is less fertile, but a hormone treatment can remedy all this.

Polycystic kidneys

With this type, a lot of cysts are found in the kidneys. When there is 1 cyst found in the kidney then that is no problem, but once a large part of the kidney is occupied by cysts it can lead to kidney failure.

Cysts are usually not dangerous

In general, the cysts is not dangerous, but an abundance of cysts where no attention is paid to could cause an unpleasant pain or discomfort. It is therefore wise to go to your doctor if you suspect that you have a cyst. In any case it can not hurt to have a doctor look at it.

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