Symptoms dyslexia

What are signs and symptoms of dyslexia? What actually is dyslexia and how to treat dyslexia?

What is dyslexia?

Dyslexia is a disorder in which one has (serious) trouble with words, reading, writing and spelling. Sometimes its also called word blindness. A person with dyslexia is called a dyslectic, while a group of people is called 'dyslexia' or 'dyslexics'. Dyslexics incorporate new sounds harder, causing reading to be slower and stutter when reading out loud For example, dyslexic children often recognize the visual picture, but they find it very difficult to connect the letters with sounds. Dyslexia is a congenital disorder. At a very young age, there are visible features of dyslexia. Some factors that occurred at a very young age, are also present later in life. Heredity is an important factor in dyslexia. If one of the parents has dyslexia, the risk of dyslexia in the child is 40 to 50%. If both parents have dyslexia, then the chance is even 80%. If there no dyslexia in the whole family, the chances of dyslexia is almost zero.

Symptoms dyslexic children

It is important to know the symptoms and signs of dyslexia in children .In children with dyslexia, the coarse and fine motor skills will lag behind of those peers. This will always be like this. Another symptom of dyslexia is that the speech of the child develops more slowly than in other children and that child talks later than others. Some children with dyslexia also begin to crawl and walk later.

Symptoms dyslexic child in elementary school

As soon as the child is in elementary school, the symptoms of dyslexia become even more apparent, because the letter recognition takes much longer than of their peers. Especially writing in mirror writing and reversing letters and numbers such as d and b, 6 and 9 are clear examples. Even after endless practice, these problems continue to exist. The child remains behind with their classmates and soon has headaches and is exhausted. Doing homework is an enormous task for the child, because it requires a lot of effort.

Dyslexia symptoms adult

There are also dyslexia symptoms that you can recognize in adults .An adult with dyslexia often has difficulty recognizing traffic signs for example. Also, they have a poor sense of direction and have a poor spatial awareness. An advantage of someone with dyslexia is that he or she is very good in organizing things. He or she will remember the big picture while remembering details is difficult. Information is better remembered by people with dyslexia, they are good in thinking logically and are very practically. Many people with dyslexia find themselves in practical professions.

Dyslexia is often found out too late

Despite these relatively simple symptoms, dyslexia is still found out too late. The sooner dyslexia is diagnosed, the sooner it can be taken into account. Although dyslexia can not be cured it can still be treated. If one intervenes in time, simple adjustments can make a child be much less affected by his disability. Today there are special programs for children with dyslexia and is therefore a lot of misery for the child and the parents can be prevented. For example, a child or student with dyslexia can often complete a test or exam in large print.

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