Symptoms inguinal hernia

What are symptoms, problems and signs of an inguinal hernia? What is an inguinal hernia and how do you recognize one?

What is an inguinal hernia?

When you have an inguinal hernia then you suffer from a protrusion of the peritoneum which is located in the groin area. This causes the organs that are normally in the abdominal cavity to bulge.

Symptoms, problems and signs inguinal hernia

What are the symptoms, problems and signs of an inguinal hernia?

  • A symptom of an inguinal hernia can cause a aching sensation in the groin area.
  • Due to the pinching of the blood vessels, a symptom of a inguinal hernia may be that a tremendous pain occurs. If that is the case you should go directly to the hospital. You will need surgery immediately. Necrosis and gangrene of the intestinal wall may occur.
  • A lump or bulge in the groin that occurs when pressing and goes away with decreasing pressure on the groin or when lying down, it could be one of the symptoms of an inguinal hernia.

Types of inguinal hernia

There are several types of inguinal hernias:

  • A congenital inguinal hernia. This type occurs because the processus vaginalis peritonei not sealed well or not at all.
  • The direct inguinal hernia. This type occurs through the rear wall of the inguinal canal.
  • An indirect inguinal hernia. This type is caused by the annulus inguinalis, which is located in the inguinal canal, towards the scrotum.
  • The hernia femoralis. The femoral hernia is the gateway where all the major blood vessels are located that go to the leg.

Inguinal hernia men

Inguinal hernia generally occurs in men. One of the first symptoms of an inguinal hernia is a bulge on the groin that comes forward when pushing and withdraws when the pushing stops or when the man lies down. At a later stage, the man with a inguinal hernia can often push the bulge back himself. In the past breaking ties were used for this. This was a tool to exert pressure on the location of the hernia. In this way it is ensured that the contents of the stomach are not bulging. The cause of an inguinal hernia can be explained in several ways. In general we can speak of a weakened abdominal wall. This may be a congenital condition, but can also come from heavy lifting, obesity, coughing a lot, but also experiencing problems with bowel movements. You can also get a inguinal hernia when playing a wind instrument for a long time.

Inguinal hernia women

Women generally suffer less from an inguinal hernia. If they do suffer from a inguinal hernia it is often the femoral type.


An inguinal hernia should always be surgically corrected since it will not go away on its own.

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