Symptoms menopause

What are signs and symptoms of menopause? What is menopause? How do you recognize menopause?

What is menopause?

Menopause is a time when a woman experiences all kinds of changes, physically as well as mentally. Menopause usually occurs during midlife. Once a woman had the menopause she is no longer fertile and thus can have no more children. The menopause can, because of the changes, be a difficult time for the woman, but is something every woman has to go through sooner or later. The signs and symptoms of the menopause is different for each woman. Some women have symptoms that other do not have at all. How long a symptom persists, and how severe a symptom is also differs per woman.

Emotional symptoms during menopause

What are the emotional symptoms of a menopause?

 The woman experiences more anxiety

  • The woman suffers from depression
  • The woman has difficulty concentrating
  • The woman is very irritable and often over reacts about trivial things
  • The woman is quickly irritated
  • The woman can get forgetful
  • Mood swings may occur

Some problems can also be caused by insomnia for example and do not necessarily have to do with menopause. When as a woman you experience a lot of difficulty with menopause, it is best to talk to other women about it. Healthy (healthier) foods and extra vitamins can also contribute to a smoother menopause.

Hot flashes during menopause

The most common symptom of a menopause is having hot flashes. These are caused by sudden changes in temperature as a result of a change in the level of the hormones. Hot flashes are often accompanied by sweating, feeling cold, dizzy and having palpitations.

Insomnia during menopause

Besides the hot flashes, insomnia is also a symptom of menopause. You may have difficulty getting to sleep and you often wake up during the night. As a result you are tired during the day and because of this you are quickly irritable.

Physical symptoms menopause

Aside from psychological symptoms you get also get physical symptoms. For example you can get vaginal dryness, but also less elastic tissues belong to the symptom package. This is because the level of estrogen rapidly decreases in your body. This has a major effect on your bladder and your vagina. Because of this you can experience pain or discomfort during sex. In addition, the tissues in the ureters are changing as well. This makes it possible that you could lose urine involuntarily.

Positive attitude towards life and the menopause

A positive attitude, adequate intake of vitamins and minerals and more or enough exercise can contribute to a more enjoyable experience of the menopause.

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