Symptoms ovulation

What are symptoms, signs and problems of ovulation? What is ovulation anyway and how do you recognize it?

What is ovulation?

Ovulation means the moment when a mature egg is released. At the time of ovulation, the egg cell can be inseminated over a period of 12-24 hours by the sperm of the man. So an ovulation is a prerequisite before a pregnancy can be accomplished.

Symptoms of ovulation

The symptoms of ovulation vary. Ovulation occurs in the body of the woman. The woman usually does not even notice that an ovulation takes place. Yet, women indicate that during or around the period of ovulation, they have tense breasts, suffer from abdominal pain around the ovaries and have a thin liquid discharge. They also have much more interest in sex. These are all symptoms of an occurring ovulation.

Symptoms and signs ovulation

What are the symptoms, signs and indications of ovulation?

  • You have a decrease and increase in body temperature.
  • The cervical mucus is wet and stringy. Aside from that, the mucus looks a lot like clear egg whites.
  • The cervix is slightly ajar, lies somewhat higher than normal and feels soft and spongy.

Predicting ovulation

Can an ovulation be predicted?For each woman her cycle is unique. It is a natural process that varies per woman, but is associated with the same symptoms. The cycle depends on a lot of factors making the woman to not always have a regular cycle. So an ovulation can not exactly be determined.


At the moment that the woman does not form a mature egg cell in her fertile phase, it is referred to as an anovulation.This literally means the absence of ovulation. Anovulation should not be confused with amenorrhea: this is when a woman no longer menstruates. An anovulatory woman can still menstruate. Generally the people who want to have children and can not get pregnant it is determined that the woman is not ovulating. This is the case about 20 percent to 25 percent.

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