Symptoms Q fever

What are signs and symptoms of Q fever? What is Q fever anyway? What causes Q fever?

What is Q fever?

Q fever is a disease that can be transferred from animals to humans. The disease is caused by the Coxiella burnettii bacteria. The Coxiella burnetti can cause abortion among pregnant animals. A lot of bacteria are released with this and as a result these bacteria can survive for years after. People can come into contact with this bacteria by inhaling the bacteria.f

Signs and symptoms of Q fever

Q fever is characterized by the following signs and symptoms:

  • In the beginning you have a lot of, and severe, headaches.
  • You have alternating fever.
  • You have occasional chills.
  • You have muscle ache.
  • You sweat a lot.
  • You have no appetite.
  • You nauseous and have to throw up a lot.
  • You suffer from diarrhea.
  • You have a relatively low heart beat.
  • You have a pneumonia which causes you to have chest pain and suffer from coughing.

Q fever bacteria

The Q fever bacteria is inhaled by people so it penetrates through the airways inside the human body. The urine, feces, milk, placenta, fetal membranes and amniotic fluid of the infected animal can cause the bacteria to spread. The bacteria can spread for miles, because the bacteria can survive in dust and / or sand. You can not get Q fever from a human, only an animal. More than half of the people who are carrying the bacterium will not get sick. Most people who do become sick, become ill after two to three weeks after the infection. There are many different symptoms of Q fever possible because the bacterium is spread throughout the whole body. Generally, the first signs are visible about 2-3 week after infection. It could also happen that symptoms occur after 6 weeks.

Q fever

Q fever gets its name from the place where the disease was first discovered and identified. Q fever was discovered by the employees of an slaughterhouse in Brisbane. A city in Queensland, Australia. They did not know exactly which bacteria caused the disease. It is therefore possible that the Q in Q fever stands for Queensland, the place where the disease was first discovered.

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