Thrush symptoms

What are signs and symptoms of thrush? Which symptoms are typical for thrush? What is thrush anyway?

What is thrush?

Thrush, in the medical world known as Candidiasis is a fungus that comes from the yeast-like. The fungus is generally present in everyone and in particular inside the mouth, intestines, on our skin, but also in the genitals of a women. The fungus forms in combination with the bacteria, a certain balance. We speak of thrush as soon as the fungus gets the upper hand in relation to the bacteria. With this the fungus disturbs the biological balance and thus causes an infection.

Symptoms thrush woman

What are the signs and symptoms of thrush in women?

  • You have a strong and rapidly increasing pain in the nipple or breast when you are feeding your baby after a period of painless and easy breastfeeding
  • You have a strong increasing pain in the nipple or the breast during breastfeeding that does not go away. Even if you put your baby in a better position or let the baby latch better.
  • You suffer from itchy or burning nipples that are brighter in color than normal. They can also be shiny or swollen.
  • You suffer from cracked nipples that do not heal well
  • Touching the nipple can be very sensitive. Even touching by the clothing can be bad.
  • You suffer from pain during pumping milk
  • You suffer from a vaginal yeast infection

Symptoms thrush baby

Thrush can also occur in babies. The signs symptoms mean that you will see, especially on the tongue or the inside of the lips of the baby, a white layer. The thrush is transmitted by the mother of the baby through the nipples.

Symptoms thrush men

Men can also suffer from thrush. The symptoms of thrush are somewhat similar to the symptoms of thrush in babies. In men, you see just like with babies, a white layer in the mouth, or tongue or the inside of the lips. Another symptom of thrush may be that there is a white layer on the genitals.

Thrush causes

What are causes of thrush? Symptoms of thrush are generally caused by a poorly fitting prosthesis or the use of antibiotics. We speak of thrush inside the mouth, which is in particularly caused by the use of large numbers of inhaled corticosteroids. These are mainly active in the oral cavity and suppress the mucosa. That is why it is recommended to rinse your mouth after you have used such steroids. Thrush also occurs in people who stay in hospital and have a weak resistance. For example, people in treatment for cancer, transplantation or suffer from HIV. Thrush can occur in women, babies and men.

General thrush symptoms

Thrush can, as said, occur in the female genitalia. In general, the increasing symptoms are itching, a burning sensation, red skin color and a white granular discharge. Such an infection can occur without apparent reasons, but is generally slightly more common when pregnant. People with diabetes can suffer from it and you can also suffer from it with broad-spectrum antibiotics. This causes many bacteria die off, and give the fungi more chances to grow. In men the fungi is generally under the skin of the penis, also called the foreskin. It is therefore wise to treat both to prevent spreading or worsening. 

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